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Upgrade your office style with a new computer desk & office chair

Office Furniture at Abt

The environment you work in has an immense impact on your focus and the quality of your projects, but when you don't travel to an office building for your occupation, how do you maintain a productive space? The things you'll need for your home office are dependent on your field and your personal taste and preferences. Whether you're a remote worker or a self-employed freelancer, explore the office furniture sold at Abt. We have just what you need to set up and decorate a comfortable office at home.


First, find a free room in your home, far from the chaos of roommates or children, as working from the couch or bed is asking for distractions. Then, start with the most basic office furniture: a desk. At Abt, we offer a variety of stylish computer desks, executive office desks and writing tables, built in all different shapes and sizes, in a variety of styles to match whatever aesthetic you desire. Choose a versatile desk with a large enough surface to support the tasks you do in your line of work. If you have a job that's based online and heavily utilizes the internet, a computer desk along with a monitor and a stand is ideal. If your tasks are hands-on and lean more creative, a writing table will be suitable for your next project. You want your desk to be functional and organized, a place that promotes productivity. Feel free to enhance the ambience even further with one of our lamps, clocks or vases.

Office Chairs

Once you've picked a desk, it's important to pair it with a durable office chair. We suggest first considering ergonomics, which will optimize your workday experience. Ergonomic office furniture focuses on the positions in which you place your desk, chair and more in order to reduce long-term discomfort or pain that may cause health issues with sedentary work. When choosing an office chair, you want to ensure it promotes straight posture for an aligned spine and that it's tall or short enough to match your height. For extra comfort, consider a chair with arms so you can rest after long bouts of keyboard typing. Once you've got the physical support you need, feel free to browse the variety of colors, styles and materials we provide.

Filing Cabinets & Paper Shredders

When it comes to professional and possibly confidential documents, filing cabinets and paper shredders are a necessity, especially to avoid outsider access when working from home. File cabinets are a secure form of storage that keeps all your paperwork organized. When picturing a filing cabinet, you most likely see a basic metal box. At Abt, we've improved the appearance of this office furniture with style. Wooden file cabinets feel like a more natural and cozy addition to a home office, as they're able to be decorated and cohesively blend with your desk and other pieces. Ours come in vertical and lateral builds, some even mobile; Abt also offers a key lock feature on several of our cabinets for additional privacy. Once you no longer need a document or credit card, ripping it up or throwing it in the garbage isn't good enough. If you put the item into one of our paper shredders, it will easily destroy it in order to protect valuable information.

For questions about desks, chairs, and more job essentials, speak to one of our team members at 800-860-3577. To learn more about upgrading your office furniture for an optimal workspace, try out tips from our home office essentials guide.

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The communication from the delivery team prior to arrival was good they arrived when they said they would. Also, they were professional, courteous and clean.
Peter B. - Bartlett, IL
February 22, 2023