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Kitchen Knife Sets & Cutlery

Cutlery Sets and Knives

Having a hard time cutting through that extra-thick ribeye? If you find that your knives aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be (and your sharpener just doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore), it’s time to upgrade to higher-quality cutlery sets. Come check out what’s on the menu in the Gourmet Shop at Abt. Whether you love cooking for the family on the daily, are more of a meal prep fanatic, tend to prefer quick eats or are a true pro chef, you’ll need utensils that can do more than slice butter. Make sure you’ve got the right gear for your culinary style. Find tools perfect for boning fish, sawing through loaves of bread, slicing veggies and everything in between.

Which Knives Do I Need?

If you’re having a hard time choosing the slicers that are right for your kitchen, don’t fly blind. Instead, go in knowing what you’re looking for with a little help from our knowledgeable sales staff. They’ll know how to help you proceed. A shattered hilt on your treasured Santoku knife means you’ll be searching for a new and improved version designed to dice veggies and trim meats with ease. Meanwhile, a poor excuse for a cleaver won’t be able to cut through Thanksgiving turkey bones well. Replace yours with one with a stronger spine and a better rocking action to help you move through tough materials. If you cook often and for company, make sure you pick the highest quality equipment you can find and don’t forget about upkeep. Whatever gear you’re picking out, know that you’ll need the tools to keep them working well, like a proper cutting board and knife sharpener. Be very careful about washing professional-grade utensils in the dishwasher as well, and always read the instructions regarding whether to handwash and how to do so.

Do I Need A Cutlery Set?

Sometimes just one knife isn’t enough. If you’re moving into your first home or doing a major purge from your kitchen, a complete cutlery set might be worth adding to your wish list or registry. Though they rarely come with every specialty utensil a household will need (like melon knives and ones designed specifically for peeling fruit) a cutlery set is the perfect place to start. Inside you’ll likely find a Chef’s knife, paring knives, serrated slicers, and kitchen shears. A complete version will also come with small slicers designed for steaks and other tough meats. For a beautiful countertop display, choose a cutlery set that comes with a knife block made from wood (which can help to keep your blades from scratching).

Find The Right Blades For Your Cooking Style at Abt

No two cooking styles are the same, and your cutlery set should be custom curated to match your life. Instead of settling for poor quality, upgrade to knives that are truly Michelin-star worthy. Find tools from well-known brands like Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Wusthof, Cuisinart and Victorinox, and stock your home ahead of the next big family meal. When it’s time to start preparing ingredients, have fun and get the family involved. Chopping onions, cubing proteins and crushing garlic together is what makes a dinner together truly memorable.

Hoping to do some research online before you buy? Check out our Kitchen Knife Buying Guide, or give our team of culinary experts a call at 800-860-3577.

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