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The key to truly enjoying your new computer is customizing it to fit your needs. Whether it’s through software, hardware, or surge protectors, equipping your computer with the right accessories can ensure it continues running at maximum efficiency for years to come. Selecting the best computer accessories can be a daunting task, but Abt is here to help. Our expert computer sales specialists can assist you in your quest to find the perfect computer keyboard or help you understand the difference between GB and RAM.

Computer Accessories That Can Help

Most new laptop or desktop PCs will come with a basic computer keyboard and the things needed to get up and running with no trouble. But there's a whole world of aftermarket computer accessories that will make your computer experience easier and more enjoyable. Items like USB hubs, surge protectors, and UPS battery backup systems are practical upgrades, keeping your setup safe and organized. An aftermarket computer keyboard, computer mouse, and padded mouse pad are more personal upgrades, letting you customize the look of your system while increasing comfort. Many laptop users utilize more than one computer mouse: one normal mouse for at-home use and a mini computer mouse that will fit into most laptop cases for easy use on the road. And don't forget about external hard drives, which are one of the best solutions for backing up your digital photos.

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The proper computer accessories also can allow you to do more with your computer. A gaming headset gives you an additional way to communicate with friends or can work with dictation software which can help you write more efficiently. Good computer speakers offer audio quality that will replace your traditional stereo system, while a quality webcam allows you to catch up with friends and family or sit in on business meetings while you’re away. For those that spend long hours typing, finding an ergonomic computer keyboard and computer mouse can drastically improve comfort and productivity. A practically endless amount of computer peripherals and accessories means the sky's the limit when customizing your computer. Top brands like ASUS, Belkin, Lacie, and Speck laptop cases have something to meet your every need.

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