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Laptop Accessories for Typing, Carrying, Charging and More

The right laptop accessories can take your already-convenient laptop and improve your experience even more. We offer everything from mouses and keyboards to carrying cases and everything in between. Laptop accessories help you work efficiently, protect your device, and store more files. Charging and connectivity are operating essentials so it's wise to have extra cables. Keep an extra charger in your work bag so you don't have to remember to take yours from home. Adapters allow for greater connectivity between devices, which can be helpful if your coworkers use different computer models. Ethernet cables provide a reliable connection in places that have spotty Wi-Fi.

If you work from home or on the go, a wireless computer mouse can help make your work easier. It offers extra precision if you're editing a video or clicking between multiple tabs. You also may want an additional keyboard if you are a competitive gamer or if you have a multi-monitor setup wherein you use your laptop as one of your screens. There are even keyboards that are specifically designed for online gaming to help you level up past your competition. An additional keyboard gives you flexibility. Modern keyboards are designed to offer responsive, quiet typing so if you have to work from home, you won't disturb others. Whether you have a Macbook or a Microsoft Surface, adding a compatible mouse and keyboard will improve your user experience.

Laptops are designed for convenience so it's likely you take yours on the go, whether it's to the coffee shop or on an airplane. Walking in the rain or putting your laptop through baggage claim leaves it susceptible to damage. The right laptop accessories will protect your precious computer from dents, dings, and scratches. Laptop sleeves, carrying cases, and hard shell cases offer different levels of protection. Sleeves are cushioned on the inside to protect your laptop and easily slide your laptop in a bag. Carrying cases have convenient handles similar to a briefcase, often with additional pockets to store your other work essentials. Hard shell cases come in trendy colors and designs while protecting your laptop. If you walk or take the train to school or work, a laptop backpack is a helpful hands-free option.

If you take a lot of family photos or edit videos for a living, your laptop is probably running low on storage space. External hard drives open up space while allowing you to organize and separate your files if you desire. With capacities from 500GB to 10TB, you can find the right hard drive for your workload and your budget. Hard drives are designed to be compact and portable so you can easily tuck one in your laptop case. For those that work from home, a desktop external hard drive is a semi-permanent storage solution that keeps important files secure. Other accessories include laptop stands, webcam covers, and laptop locks. No matter which laptop accessories you need, we offer high-quality offerings from top brands to keep your laptop safe, charged, and ready to work.

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