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Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Laundry day might not be your favorite activity of the week but with the right appliances, it doesn't have to be the hardest. Abt's selection of washing machines covers a variety of top brands, colors, price points and features so you can find the perfect companion to your least exciting chore. The right washing machine will vary depending on the needs of you and your family and Abt has the right one for you. Whether you choose a top-load or a front-load machine, recent technological improvements have led to a slew of helpful features across a variety of brands. The tech-savvy consumer will love our selection of smart washing machines, which generally operate via a smartphone app. While the features will vary by brand, common features include scheduling a cycle to start from your phone whether or not you're at home. The smartest models can even communicate with your dryer to ensure your clothes are as clean and dry as possible without being damaged. If you want to streamline the process further, you can opt for an all-in-one washer dryer combo, which saves space and maximizes efficiency. Many machines have a steam option to keep clothes wrinkle-free while others have a speed cycle if you're in a rush. Others have the option to stack if space is at a premium in your home. Abt carries the top washing machine brands so if you're replacing an outdated machine that you loved, you can probably find the newest version here.

Top-Load vs. Front-Load

One of the biggest debates when looking at washing machines is whether you should opt for a top-load or a front-load machine. Still weighing the benefits and disadvantages of the different types? Learn more with our guide to front load vs top load washers. Each has their pros and cons and your lifestyle will play a big part in deciding which style is right for you. Top-load washers are a classic option and have been around forever. Because of that, one of their biggest advantages is that their operation should be familiar for just about everyone. Most of these appliances are high-efficiency machines now, meaning they use less water and energy than previous models. You can opt for a model with an agitator or with an impeller if you're concerned about an agitator being too rough on your clothing. They're a classic for a reason and require little to no cleaning in between cycles.

Front-load washers are a newer technology but have also been around for decades. If energy efficiency is a must for you, you'll prefer a front-loading appliance; although these models typically cost more than their top-loading counterparts, the money they save by using less water and power will usually offset your initial investment. If you are shorter or have mobility issues, this style may be helpful as you don't have to reach up and in the machine to grab your laundry and can instead pull it out and place it directly in a basket to transfer to the dryer. It's important to note that you should clean the gasket on these washers regularly to avoid mold and mildew buildup. If you need help picking out the right appliance for your home, call 800-860-3577 to speak with our team of friendly experts. You can also read Abt's washing machine buying guide for more detailed information about the different options available. And to keep yours running for as long as you possibly can, check out some maintenance tips in our how to clean a front load washer guide. Not sure where to hide yours? Check out our guide to how to hide laundry appliances.

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